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Friday, February 19, 2010
AFTER SUCH A LONG HIATUS. i've decided to come and pen down my thoughts all over again. New year, new hopes. and something new this year is that love is in the air all around this year!

and i realised that im starting to listen to more r&b man. must be due to the DJs playing them weekly la, but i can never dance to em as awesome as some of the mambo regulars do. *respect* haha, every week i thought i'd have the courage BUT every week i fail man. haha!

I didnt know what to say, without 1 touch we stood there face to face!
and i was dying inside to hold you, i couldnt believe what i felt for you.
dying inside, i was dying inside but i couldnt bring myself to touch you.

that was for the last mambo! i hope the lyrics continues for the next and the next n the next!
awesome. haha.

Mon & Tues = mahjong craze with family & visiting
Wed = Swim & Mambo
Thurs = Slack & Poker
Fri = Attempt to start studying
Sat = Plan to start studying
Sun = HAVE to start studying.

how does that sounds?

Song on repeat now = Tik Tok by Kesha.

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 11:42 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009
blogging during the break of my Intl' Acct class. which totally suck btw.
This last 2 weeks, are really a sore in the ass man.
The worst class ever since i've had in Germany, (lots of theory for Acct.) even worst den IT CLASSES.
and my breaktime is up but i dont feel like getting back into class so imma gonna take my own sweet time to blog abt the feelings i have for the last 2 weeks.
Class is making the last 2 weeks seem so long, so dreadful, and im thankful for that.
making things go slower, at least it feels like that to me. if not everything will go by so fast that i cant grip onto any memories im frantically trying to hold and put it into my "Never Deleted" memory space in my brain.

That smile,
Jeden Tag ist so schön.

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 8:27 PM

Saturday, May 30, 2009
BEEN ultra mighty monkey ages since i've updated.

I dont wanna say goodbye to you~
Love is one big illusion, i should try to forget, but there is something left in my head.
You're the one who set it up, now you're the one who make it stop.
Im the one whose's feeling lost right now.
Now you want me to forget, every little thing you said,
but there is something left in my head.
I wont forget, the way, your kisses.
The feeling so strong, were lasting for so long.
but im not the man, your heart is missing, thats why you go, away i know.
Yes i know.

Anyways, the reason why im back up here is to post up some quotes i found on the net.

When walking, as we step one foot forward,
we lift the other foot up.
In the same way, we should let go of yesterday
and focus on today.

A wise person is able to let go.
To let go is actually to receive,
to receive boundless happiness

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 6:20 AM

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Facts about Qd.

1) I dont like to pump people.
2) Im a friendly guy.

Alrite. LTC's over, seems like this is a mandatory post that everyone does after the camp.

YESSSS i might seem like an asshole during the camp, and i dont like myself during the camp, but come on! 1 year down the road, when you're with your friends doing things, you'll think of LTC, the times when u guys are getting pumped by evil qd. when you guys are getting scolded by us.
it is always the tough times that leaves the strongest impression in you, and not the fun gaga part u see.
same for me, pulling through this camp was T O U G H.
and i've learnt more about myself. much more and much better.
1 thing i've learnt about myself is that,

Weakness or strength i dont know but,
QD tends to enjoy the drama when it comes to planning an event, he indulges in the rush, the adrenaline of the work and tends to only rush like a bull when someones holding the red flag infront of him.

Not gonna mention names in this post but there are people who surprises me so much that leads to disappointment and i am truely grateful for all the help everyone contributed.

Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

Procrastination is like masturbation, it feels good until you realise you're screwing yourself.

If you were a limitless water tap,
people would probably leave you on day and night.
But if you placed a limit on how much water you gave out,
people would suddenly realise how valuable you are and treat you accordingly.
Never take someone for granted, and worst still, never let yourself to be taken for granted.!

when things do not go your way, don't be too quick to condemn the situation, the people around you or yourself.
Dreams are what we make them to be.There is hope in every heartbeat.Tiny as it seems. You're a beautiful seed.Every hope, every power,lies in the heart of a seed that flowers.Intertwined all across the land.We're all seeds in the maker's hand.

(From mdm.cho's blog)

When you throw a frog into a pool of water at boiling point, the frog will jump out instantly. But when you place the frog into a pool of water and gradually heat the water, the frog will slowly boil itself to death without escaping.
This is the frog theory of karmic relationship - of both first and third person perspective.
THE STORY IS TOLD OF HOW an adventurous young frog struggled hard to climb into a pot of water. After a few false starts, he finally managed and had a nice time, enjoying the swim.
But the pot's owner came, proceeded to light a fire, and placed the pot on it. When the water started warming, the frog found the conditions even better.
But soon, conditions inside the pot became unbearable and the frog decided to jump out. But upon seeing the fire below, he stopped dead on his tracks. He was trapped in a dilemma of his own making. The water was killing him slowly, but the fire would kill him instantly.

we might ask ourselves how we got trapped in a dilemma of our own making....
(Copy and paste from http://jamesfallows.theatlantic.com/archives/boiledfrog/)

Very true. Very true.

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 3:53 PM

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Been months since i've updated.

21 days away from departure.
Departure Date = 22nd March, 2am++
technically , its monday's morning. but sunday's midnight.

6 Days away from LTC camp.
God please abstain from raining for that 3 days and i'd be grateful.

Contemplating if i should have a bbq before i go off eh.
or should i just attempt to cook at home heh.
been watching martha stewart's show every morning and the jamies or w/e that aussy is called. haha , im INSPIRED.

really really fast.
im gonna miss my CPU. my house, every little thing in singapore.
its like throwing me in orchard naked.
im gonna be in germany without anything that i've relied on for the past 18 years.

oh welllllll. no time to worry about that ATM, this coming week will be a hell week.

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 6:34 PM

Sunday, January 25, 2009
something thats funny when i took the mrt that time, i peeked at some guy's smses haha.

Girl messages guy,

"You never hug before alot of people izzit? thats why so easy get jealous."

Guy's reply to girl,

"I hug alot of girls before but not the one i love mah."

they need to know whats keeping things simple like a sincere "I Love you" will suffice.
Year of the ox,
Anyways i caught the jia hao yue yuan recently,
i think im starting to love canto dramas!
nice nice.

Will update more after the festive season =)
or maybe after my exams HA.

working on a new blog tho, but its gonna be my online diary thingy, so no links will be given out! maybe i should do it on wordpress/LJ eh, den can lock the post or something.

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 11:03 PM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
must hurry up get well soon..
clarinase, please dont fail me.
thats a notably strong medicine for flu i think?
can only take 2 tablets max / day. theres the danger of overdosage if you consume too many tablets.
geez, hope can recover by tmr.

something funny in sch today, i saw apple and she asked me,
"are you drunk or sun burnt?!"
"i was stunned and took me awhile to think and say , oh im not feeling well!"

what garbish man.!

I hope, I wish, Have Faith./ 6:39 PM

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Dying inside, i was dying inside.
But i couldnt bring myself to touch you,
1 Hello, change my life.
I didn't believe in love at first sight.
But you have shown me what it's like

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